Mystery Mutts

Mystery Mutts
Kathi Duran
PO Box 436
El Dorado ca 95623
Phone: 530-295-3911

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One comment on “Mystery Mutts
  1. Julie Linn says:

    Hi, my name is Julie and I found you on the internet under rescue/adopt a dog for chiweenies. I am emailing you in hopes that you might be ale to a help or offer suggestions as to what I can do to find ho,es for two chiweenies. The reason is because I have these two chiweenies who were left ehind when their master was movedac away to a senior assisted home in Texas and they got left behind with only instructions to feed and water them. No other instructions. Their master, we found, was not coming back and I refused to leave the dogs alone in the house indefiitely. I brought them home in hopes of finding the a home. I have ot been too successful at it and I cannot keep both. They are already getting attached to me and are used to my house. I have to find a home for one or both. They are Lucy, who is eight and Fred who is four. We think they may have been abused as well. Thye are sweet little dogs. Lucy craves attention and just wants to be loved. Fred is always happy-go-lucky.
    If you cna help in any way or point me in the right directionas to what I can it would be gtreatly appreciated. I am afraid to take them to the pound.

    Thank you for reading my email. You can email back or I can be contacted at 916-420-6115. If no answer please leave me a message. I work and check voicemail often.

    Thank you,

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