Smaller Paws & Pom Rescue

Smaller Paws & Pom Rescue
Jo Norris
North Manchester IN 46962

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2 comments on “Smaller Paws & Pom Rescue
  1. Nannette Levin says:

    Hello. I hope I am contacting the correct rescue. My husband and I adopted a 9 year old Llapso Apso from you 4 years ago. She was at a foster home at the time near Columbia City. Her name used to be Prenziss it said on her papers. Just wanted to let you know she is up there on the list with our past dogs as being the most wonderful girl ever. She sleeps with us every night, nap time too. She has been made to order. We live in Huntington but our vet is from N. Manchester, Dr. Pyle or Dr. Lewis. Thank-you so much for saving her life and letting her share it with us. We swear this will be our last dog but if you could get a guarantee that we found one as good as her, well maybe. Sincerely………Nan Levin…her name is Blossom.

  2. Judy Hardy says:

    In April,2008 we adopted a beautiful silver miniature schnauzer named Sol’ene. She was rescued from a puppy mill in Pennsylvania and had not been treated nicely at all. It took time for her to feel safe but she was well loved and eventually she trusted our family. She made a wonderful and loving pet and we so enjoyed her. Sadly, we lost her recently. She had a suspected cancer on her paw, was scheduled for surgery and the weekend before surgery she suddenly lost the use of her back legs and her kidneys shut down. We got her to the Vet and were told that she was suffering and it was time to put her to rest. It was hard to lose her but we have wonderful memories. I just wanted you to know that one of your adopted pets was very loved and cared for and made us very happy in the time we had her. She was 4 yrs. old when we got her and we had her for 9 years. Judy Hardy

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