Kindred Spirits Small Dog Rescue And Rehab.

Kindred Spirits Small Dog Rescue and Rehab.
Dallas/Fort Worth Texas

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One comment on “Kindred Spirits Small Dog Rescue And Rehab.
  1. Virginia Hale says:

    I’m writing on behalf of a small dog who needs rescue and a little rehab in order to be saved. Bae Bay is a female Chihuahua who is 1-2 years old and weighs 13.8 lbs. She is currently at Carrollton Animal Services ( and has been designated as Rescue Only because she is shy and the shelter environment frightens her.
    Lead caretaker, Joe Skenesky, says that Bae Bay is a great girl once you get to know her. She is house trained and is curious about everything. He says that she likes to play tag and gets a silly smile on her face when he catches her. She isn’t too interested in the other dogs..kind of ignores them. CAS is NOT a NO KILL shelter and is soon to put Bae Bay and several others on their URGENT LiST. In my opinion, Bae Bay is a perfectly fine dog. She just needs to leave the shelter environment so that she can relax and not be frightened and shy. Can you help her or do you know of someone who can?

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