Southren California Dingo Rescue

Southren California Dingo Rescue
Jai Littlewolf
13645 5th
yucaipa ca 92399
Phone: 909)446-8737

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3 comments on “Southren California Dingo Rescue
  1. Chad Jones says:

    Im looking to rescue a female american dingo about 1 year old.

  2. Eileen Simpson says:

    Hi I have what I think is a Dingo, didn’t know it until now. He right about a year old and is neutered.

    We live in the panhandle of Idaho.

    He cannot be around chickens, however has been raised with our cats and loves them,

    He is a good protector and is a good boy other then he likes to stalk and eat our chickens.

    If you would be interested I can send a few pictures.


  3. Jenny Bokowski says:

    Good Morning,

    I am trying to access your site and/or find your location, but neither is working. Are you still around or in business? Please contact me as soon as possible as I am looking for an Australian Dingo.

    Thank you,

    Jenny Bokowski

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