Hottie’s House Of Doberman’s

Hottie’s House of Doberman’s
Lois Magill
51 Front Street
Belvidere NJ 07823
Phone: 908-319-1016

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7 comments on “Hottie’s House Of Doberman’s
  1. Eileen Mihalko says:

    Hi Lois, I just wanted to make sure I am on your list for a Dobbie:)

    Thank You,

  2. Eileen Mihalko says:

    I hope I am on the list:)

    Thank You,

  3. betty says:

    this is a phony dog rescue! no license as of 2/23/12! stay away from this rescue! NO NJ 501c3 on record. this is law for nj state rescue!

  4. Davida says:

    how do you know it’s a phony rescue? I looked for a website and can’t find one so how does anyone even contact them?

  5. betty says:

    there is no 5013c license on record in the state. nj ASPCA records indicate that there is no boarding/kennel registration, either…these are required by law for this state to be a legitimate rescue.

    anyone can make a fake business/card and start a ‘club’ or ‘rescue’, it does not make it legitimate! You need to be careful and make sure these license and registration information is on record in any state before you surrender your dog to anyone.

    good luck, hope your dog finds a good home, davida!

  6. me volunteering says:

    This is interesting, Hottie House of Doberman’s do not have a 5013c or boarding registration, they do not charge to surrender or adopt a doberman and they only take in one doberman at a time. 100% volunteer with no outside help. “Betty” is a lady who surrendered her doberman and decided that she could sell it instead…let’s just hope the poor little thing is in a healthy happy home,

  7. Advocate says:

    Just to be clear…
    501c3 is an IRS designation for non-profit charities that receive donations and want to avoid paying taxes on those donations. Hottie’s House of Dobermans Rescue of NJ does not accept donations and therefore does not qualify for 501c3 status.
    Animal welfare law in the state of NJ regulates & requires licenses for all “pet shops, shelters, kennels and pounds”. Hottie’s House of Dobermans Rescue is just that, a “rescue” – not a pet shop, shelter, kennel or pound and therefore cannot be licensed under NJ law.

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