Bully Bliss Pit Bull Rescue

Bully Bliss Pit Bull Rescue
Jessica Teague
Hopkinsville Ky 42240
Phone: 270-887-6725

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2 comments on “Bully Bliss Pit Bull Rescue
  1. Donna Holt says:

    Hi, Jessica, I work w/ a rescue in Richmond, Va. – we have 2 dogs that
    were saved from shelters and we are asking for help to place them. You may consider them hard to place, or it could be that just the right family hasn’t found them yet. One of my rescue friends had your rescue info and suggested that we contact you to see if you might have room at your rescue or a foster family for one or both of these girls? Or if you have any contacts that may be able to help and/and network?
    The first dog is Millie. She is very sweet with people but she may be somewhat animal aggressive, not to the point she will charge another animal but mostly if they get in her face. We are thinking that a pit group may have a better chance of getting her adopted, especially up north where there aren’t as many pits as we have down here. Millie is a black female, and she is very muscular, but sweet. The picture attached really doesn’t do her justice – she isn’t fat, she isn’t old, and she definitely has that pitty face. Millie needs a chance at some kind of life with a person or family.
    Emma also came from a kill shelter. She was adopted by a missionary family – after two years, they returned her because they were leaving the country for an extended amount of time. She had small children in her family.- she is so excited when she is at the adoption stand – you can just see that
    being around people means so much to her. She gets so excited when she gives kisses that she sometimes pinches your cheek!! I don’t know why Emma hasn’t been adopted except that she is very cat aggressive and can be a little too protective of her people. Emma is very, very strong, especially when she sees a cat!!! She gets along w/ male dogs, but mostly picks and
    chooses her friends. She does need to be watched when she has a treat. She may be better off in a family with no other dogs (for sure no cats!!) and maybe w/ older children because of her strength. She has been back at the rescue for almost 2 years – people always comment on how beautiful she is, but that’s as far as it’s gotten. She is breaking my heart – you can see how much she wants another family.
    If you want pics of these girls, pls let me know how to get them to you!!! This is the only way I could figure out how to contact you.

    Both of these dogs are spayed, up-to-date on shots and on H/W and flea/tick preventative, so there wouldn’t be any expense for you before they were adopted. If you can help or need more info, please let me know. It would be so wonderful to know that these girls would get better exposure to more potential adopters. Thank you for any helpn you can give to these 2 sweet girls and I hope to hear from you soon. The best to you in all of your rescue endeavors.

    Donna Holt/Richmond, Va

  2. Jessica says:

    Please.help.need.home.for.my dog clover pittbull terrier. Strict bsl laws

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