Ladybird Springer Rescue

Ladybird Springer Rescue
7325 E. Taus Rd
Whitelaw WI 54247
Phone: (920)732-3970

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3 comments on “Ladybird Springer Rescue
  1. Joan Welter says:

    I am looking for a set of cockapoo litter mates that I saw at the Expo on Saturday, Feb.2. They are 5 years old. The owner will not separate them which is just fine with me.
    One was white and curley fur and the other has brown fur.
    My phone number is 414 732-2345 Please leave a message.

  2. Karen says:


    My husband and I are looking for adopt a female Springer Spaniel, 2-6yo good with people and cats, low prey drive, on the mellow side. We live on a small farm in Kingston, NH. We’ve been approved to adopt by the NE Springer Spaniel Rescue and the Springer Spaniel Rescue of Long Island, but there have been no dogs for us.

    I don’t know if you have any suitable dogs and whether transport could be arranged. Just trying any lead. We lost our Springer to insulinoma and cushings in August and are lost without her.


  3. Lisa Franz says:

    I am sorry this kennels has been out of business since 2007.

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