Great Creatures Rescue, Inc.

Great Creatures Rescue, Inc.
Bill Nugent
P.O. Box 70434
Knoxville TN 37938
Phone: 865-992-9434

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One comment on “Great Creatures Rescue, Inc.
  1. Jim or Susan Perrett says:

    We have had wolfhounds for almost 30 yrs. The oldest our males lived was 7 1/2 years. We have a beautiful male named Shrek who will be 9 yrs old in Febuary. Yesterday we learned his kidneys are failing so we have so little time to share with him the love we have. We have rescued several Irish Wolfhounds and Great Danes in the past and would like to open our home and hearts to another Irish wolfhoud who needs a loving home. Our dogs live in the house, but have a 2 1/2 acre fenced, treed back yard for play and excercise and a two-car garage if they want to lounge inside during playtime. Otherwise, they have the run of the house with couches and dog beds. Please consider our home if you have an Irish Wolfhound that needs lots of love.

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