Heaven’s Gate Rescue

Heaven’s Gate Rescue
Foley MO 63347
Phone: 314-619-3328

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One comment on “Heaven’s Gate Rescue
  1. Sandra says:

    do you take rescues? I got a pit/husky all white, neutered, 2-3 yrs old, loving & very playful. Got him from a young family in Winfield and he has changed so much for the better. He hates to be alone and loves your approval. I healed up his legs as they looked as if hog tied and tail is now normal. He knows I’ll feed him and no one will take it. He is love just got a bad start. I have two other dogs a Pit Bull and a 12# Shih Tzu who is the oldest and believes he is boss(hehe) They get along but I can’t play with me like he deserved. He loves water, Can you give him a chance? I have been asking, some can’t have a pit soI need help. Thank you Sandra

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