Lhasa Happy Homes Rescue

Lhasa Happy Homes Rescue
Randee Goldman
1158 26th Street, #190
Santa Monica CA 90403
Phone: 310 74 LHASA
Fax: 310 745 1551

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One comment on “Lhasa Happy Homes Rescue
  1. Lisa says:

    I have a Lhasa Apso mix who has eczema. His skin condition needs daily attention, and neither myself (fibromyalgia, RSD and now living with a friend and her husband) and now my friend (ALS) who currently has my dog, can physically care or him anymore. He has been chewing at his skin since it itches and is debilitating himself more and more each day.

    Is it possible for someone to come up to La Habra to pick up the dog from the house and take him to be adopted out to a family who could love and care for him so that he may have his quality of life back?

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