Westport Animal Shelter Advocates

Westport Animal Shelter Advocates
606 Post Road East Suite 610
westport Connecticut 06880
E-Mail: wasa1@optonline.net

Westport Animal Shelter Advocates, or WASA, has been formed as a charitable not-for-profit organization to provide care and shelter to animals in the greater Fairfield County area.

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2 comments on “Westport Animal Shelter Advocates
  1. Stephanie Thompson says:

    I recently lost the love of my life, Isabella, a English Bulldog/Boston terrier hybrid. Can you help me find another???


    My son is moveing from Lousiana, to Washington. He has three full blood Basset Hounds. He can not take them with him. We are hopeing to be able to surrender them to a no kill shelter, or find good homes for them. They are in good health. do need fenced yards. Thank you

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