Ella’s Small Dog Rescue

Ella’s small dog rescue
natalie edge
lillington nc 27546
Phone: 9109902363

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2 comments on “Ella’s Small Dog Rescue
  1. TIM says:

    Natalie is an active breeder of Boxer pups, has posted at least 3 litters on Craigslist, asks $200 ea, with out papers, but claims they are germa/american, how would one know that with out papers? while she is selling boxer pups, she is actively begging for donations of food, bedding and cages. she had one of her momma dogs for sale after weaning a litter, she didnt spay her has most legitamate rescues do. she is unlicensed to breed, she is unlicensed to “rescue” any dog or pup obtained from her is a rescue. She tries to post ads on different free websites and she always lists a different city, so far i have seen her ads listing Roseboro, Sp. Lake, fayetteville, and wilmington, why is she trying to hide he locale?? she likes to bash breeders who are licensed, who offer health guarantees and registrations. she is a scammer dont fall for her “rescue” business.

  2. natalie says:

    i am natalie i do rescue and i have had 2 litters of puppies i do not claim to have a license because i do not own a kennel i rescue out of my home to help my rescues are also free 9109902363

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