Sharon Rychetsky
524 Birch Hil Ln
Somerville Texas 77879
Phone: 9798204782
E-Mail: srychetsky@yahoo.com

We have a 3 yr old grandchild that is very rough with the dog and the dog is growling at her. We have never had a problem with the dog but our daughter is afraid of the dog hurting our grandchild and we have to let go of her in order for our grandchild to visit us.

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  1. Glenda S. Taylor says:

    Hello. We are looking to adopt a small female dog. We have a very sweet-natured male Cairn Terrier, Buster, (neutered) and an ornery cats who pretty much just ignores us. We would like to find a playmate for Buster. She needs to be perhaps 15 pounds. We have a fenced-in back yard and have worked hard to make it escape proof but would like to have a new family member who is big enough to not be able to squeeze out. Other than that, we would love a babydog with a happy heart, playful, calm disposition. We are loving and responsible pet parents; when we welcome a new family member it is for life no matter what problems might arise. If Juno is a female and if you are still looking for her a home, please contact me. Thanks, Glenda Taylor

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