Thelma Adams
3260 Stewart Lake Road
Monroe GA 30655
Phone: 4702348365
E-Mail: littlejeannie48@yahoo.com

Zeus is a 10 month old male harlequin, he weighs around 120lbs is housebroken a little rumbustious at times, likes children, I find that I will not have the proper amount of time to be spending with him so he grows to be a happy & well behaved member of our family.

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3 comments on “Zeus
  1. Katie says:

    How old is this add? Has Zeus been adopted

  2. adam says:

    Hello … I’m interested . Can you please contact me At adamfarr72@gmail.com

  3. Sandra Morris says:

    hello I am wanting to adopt Zeus as soon as possible…I live in the country and have a large yard and home for him to run and play.. If he has not been adopted please e-mail so my family and I can come meet Zeus!!!!

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