Ontario Giant Schnauzer Rescue

Ontario Giant Schnauzer Rescue
E. Turner
Oakville ON

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5 comments on “Ontario Giant Schnauzer Rescue
  1. carrie gibson says:

    Hi there
    Happy New Year!
    Im looking for a giant schnauzer to add to our family. Just wondering if you have anyone waiting for a home? Please advise when you have a moment.

  2. dean chemerika says:

    we have a full house of giants but we could foster and have a few people interested in a companion as well

  3. Joanne says:

    I have a GSchn I have to rehome. She keeps attacking my other females in our pack. I have sent her to a trainer and no success . She is such a perfect, well behaved dog apart from her aggression towards other competing females. Could you please contact me if you are able to help rehome her.
    Thanks joanne

  4. Natalie Thebault says:

    I have a Shephard/husky/spaniel/collie who would love a friend. He is a wonderful dog but I feel sad when I see him sitting out in the yard by himself. My husband is retired, so home all the time. We had a miniature schnauzer who passed away 2 years before we got Shadow and I still miss her, so we know how great a schnauzer can be.

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