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Charlie is 14 mos old, microchipped. My daughter moved to an apartment and he is too big for me to handle. We want to send him to a good home where he can have lots of attention and room to run. He has had little training. If interested please call or email me. We don’t want him to end up put down in a pound.

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2 comments on “Charlie
  1. John says:

    do u have a picture of this dog, charlie? pls. show picture of dog.

  2. Rosalyn & Wm. says:

    Hi, Is Charlie a Boston Terrier – It looks like it from his picture. Can you tell us about his energy level and temperament? Does he do well with kids and other dogs?

    We have a 12 yo male tall Chihuahua mix – he’s gentle and loves other dogs, kids even cats. He still acts like a puppy sometimes. We are looking for a good match for our family. We’ve owned 2 French Bulldogs and 1 Bostie over the years and are familiar with short muzzled breeds.

    We live in a suburb of Cincinnati, have a large, fenced backyard and a dog door.

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