Duke and Sadie

Duke and Sadie
Ana Jones
40 Foellner Lane
Ottsville PA 18942
Phone: 215-997-1873
E-Mail: anamjones@gmail.com

Duke and Sadie are sweet 2 year old twins that need a loving home! They are cage trained, healthy and great with children, adults and other pets.
Due to our busy schedules,we are seldom home and can no longer spend quality time with them. They have been together since birth and must stay that way!

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2 comments on “Duke and Sadie
  1. Sasha Lawson says:

    What kind of dogs are these?

  2. jessica ansel says:

    gosh, this is an extremely old post because I see a question came up from Nov. 2015? Where did you find American Indian dogs. I am having a hard time finding any on the east coast. I am located in PA

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