San Antonio Dusty Paws

San Antonio Dusty Paws
January Dugan
8827 Hays Parc
converse TX 78109
Phone: 2544663915

we are an all breed rescue

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2 comments on “San Antonio Dusty Paws
  1. Sunny Prosser says:

    Hello, we have are in desperate need of help. Due to COVID, we are taking in 3 young children in our family and “link” our beloved 3 year old 50 pound canine mutt is kid aggressive. He is otherwise very dog friendly, adult friendly, house trained, active dog who constantly has the zoomies! He loves affection ! He is getting all his shots today, but is unaltered. We are in love with this dog and are willing to pay for neutering, food and annual visits if you can help us find the right home. The children are coming here in four days and so we are desperate to find a safe foster until he can be rehomed.
    If you can’t help, any other organizations that I should reach out to would be gratefully appreciated!
    Sunny Prosser

  2. Sunny Prosser says:

    Update, Link has an appointment to be neutered tomorrow! And already has his shots.

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