American Mi-Ki Registry Assocation

American Mi-Ki Registry Assocation
Tiffany Wilkerson-Hood
Decatur IL
Phone: (217) 422-4488

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13 comments on “American Mi-Ki Registry Assocation
  1. Brenda Rockamann says:

    I would like to rescue a Mi Ki or pomeranian puppy I agree to spaying & neutering. My pomeranian passed away 3 years ago at the age of 13. My heart was so broken that it has took time to heal. I am at that point now.I miss the companionship and joy of a furry family member. I am 55 , single, I have disabilities which keep me from work outside the home. But I am mobile, I walk daily, take care of my own needs , drive and have a social life that a puppy would fit into and grow into. I live alone. I have already paid my pet deposit and I have written permission to own a small dog. And I do have a regular veterinarian. I have no other pets. Please call or write if you can help. I appreciate your time in advance and look forward to hearing from you. (217) 202-7736

  2. Nikki says:


    Did you ever get a pet? I have a pure Mi Ki. He’s 11 years old. He has some behavioral issues but he is well taken care of and healthy, aside from some dental work he needs, that we cannot afford. Call me if you’re interested. 313-570-8280

  3. Jay Johns says:

    I am looking for a mi-ki pet to keep my 11 yo Chihuahua company. I live in a NW suburb of Chicago. Text me at 773.280.8047

  4. Aimee says:

    I am very interested in this breed as a companion pet. I can’t find any rescues or breeders. Any help would be appreciated! Please text me at 614 900-2507. Thank you!

  5. Nancy S Duckworth says:

    My friend has a puppy she rescued that looked exactly like a mi ki. I just love her but they are so expensive. Can he find one that’s older which costs less. We like females better.

  6. Martina says:

    Looking for a mi-ki – please email me at

  7. Adriana says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’m looking for preferably a rescue, an adult mi-ki as a companion pet for my elderly mother. I’ve been looking around but most are puppies or not even a year old. We’re in L.A. (NYC would also be possible). Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you all 🙂

  8. Jessica Tanzer says:

    I am looking for a Mi-Ki for my stepmother in Portland, OR. We live in San Francisco and can pick one up here if there is a rescue here.

  9. Margaret Cardamon says:

    I am retired and looking for an older Mi-Ki as a companion pet to give lots of love to. I dog sit about once or twice a month so he would have occasional playmates. I want a Mi-Ki (preferably older male) I can take with me everywhere. My income is limited but was hoping for one that has developed a flaw that cannot be shown or breeded any longer. I just get lonely after dog sitting and coming home without all three cuddles and love of an animal

  10. Barbara Dwares says:

    I am interested in a rescue Miki.
    We live in r.i.
    I just met this breed for the first time this evening.
    Anyone with knowledge of a rescue group for this breed, please message me

  11. FeFe says:

    I would love to rescue a Mi-Ki. I think he/she would be the perfect pooch for me!

  12. Susan Martin says:

    This is probably not what y’all had in mind but I thought I’d share anyway. Came across this listing while looking for a Havanese. I hope someone can rescue & love her.,placement%3A3

  13. Terri Masters says:

    Hi. I am looking for an adult long coat, female MiKi who charts at 5 lbs. or less. I am a senior with some health issues and would love a companion pet. I am looking for a smaller MiKi as I plan to take her with me if I leave the house. I believe 5 lbs. or less would be much easier to manage in a sling carrier. I was looking at rescues or breeders that are retiring their female. I’ve researched the breed extensively and they are the perfect pet for me. I live in Kansas. I appreciate any assistance you can provide. Thank you very much!!!

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