Doberman Rescue Ontario

Doberman Rescue Ontario
Richard Z
box 1140
Tottehman ont l0g1w0
Phone: 905-880-1777
Fax: 1905-880-1747

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2 comments on “Doberman Rescue Ontario
  1. Paul Whitall says:

    I am looking for a Min Pin puppy M/F don’t care would like a black/tan one but if I can get a puppy I will be happy with what you have.


  2. Willie irwin says:

    I am looking for a female doberman less than one year old. I would prefer black and tan and weigthing under 85 lbs when matured.

    The past 25 years I have owned several dog and never gave one up. They all pasted away in my house or at the vets.

    Past Friends
    1. Border collie
    2. German sheppard
    3 Serbian husky
    4. Mini weiner

    I am retired with three grown children. My back yard is 100 feet wide and 300 feet deep. I also have 10 aches to use behind my land and I am allowed to use it and I have over they years.

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