Southern Star Minpin Rescue, Inc.

Southern Star MinPin Rescue, Inc.
Denise Brunner
Phone: 866-331-7476
Fax: 806-791-1415

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3 comments on “Southern Star Minpin Rescue, Inc.
  1. Erin huehnergart says:

    My name is Erin I adopted two dogs (Sammy)from you in the past and I’m in a situation Very temporarily but that will force me tohave to take my dog to the pound I’m hoping you might have some ideas of somebody or how I could foster him for a couple weeks again my name is Aaron my number is 425-445-0747 I hope to hear from you

  2. Lois stratton says:

    I adopted Star in 2005. S he was the picture of the rescue group at that time. I would like you to know that she passed away last night. She was a dominant spirit to the end. She had some health problems which were related to her life before I had her, probably over breeding. She was buried under her favorite tree where she kept an eye on everything. Thank you for bringing her into my life

  3. Jessica says:

    Hello Southern Star! I adopted my little min pin from your Ohio Chapter out of Akron (I think, maybe we just met up there when I picked him up-I live in Michigan) in 2006 when he was 5 years old. He is now 17.5 years old. As a single woman in my mid 30s I cannot tell you how much love and happiness he has brought to my life. He loves me unconditionally and I love him as though he is my baby. He is blind and has arthritis but (otherwise heathy) he soaks in a hot bath with me every weekend and I rub his legs for him every night before we fall asleep. His senior years are shaping up to be my absolute favorite. I will be devastated beyond relief whenever he passes but I know I have given him the best life and he knows I’ve loved him for every second that we’ve been together. Thank you for giving me a love in my life, that I worry I may never experience again. I’m crossing my fingers for at LEAST another year with him! He is the love of my whole life!!!

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