Companion Animal Association

Companion Animal Association
P.O. Box 254
Kokomo IN 46903

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  1. Leslie Dean says:

    I adopted 2 puppies from companion animals in 2007. They were puppies born to a lab mix who was in “custody” when she gave birth. She was subsequently spayed and given back to the family on a farm who gave her up for adoption in the first place. We Adopted “skittles” and a female who was blonde and curly. One of them were chipped and altered prior to us receiving them. Maybe one wasn’t chipped yet, I remember doing that for one of them. They were both altered. We named them Clark and Addison (which is the intersection in Chicago where Wriggly field is located…we are Cub’s fans). We bit off more than we could chew so we placed Addison, the female, with a responsible family here in the Rockford area. The Mom was a lab mix with some hound. She was a black brindle which is what Clark (formerly “skittles” I think) was. Long story short, Clark has bit 3 human beings in Winnebago County IL, that means that he will be Euthanized. I am currently going through a court battle to save his life. I know that the farm family who had Clark’s mom wanted to take her back after she had her puppies and was spayed. MY QUESTION FOR YOU IS THIS. Do you think that the same family would take Clark back? He is a “lab mix black brindle”, and while he has bit human beings he is a great family dog. Do you still have the families name or the name of his mom? Would they be willing to take him back? He is not “vicious”. He is really over excited by bicycles and any small child that show him fear. Not a great quality for a dog. I think that he would do well in a farm type home. Would that family be willing to take him back if we are able to save his life. We are going to court on this Friday to try and keep him from being euthanized. I would happily take another dog or puppy in his place if anyone would take Clark (or “skittles” back) I am afraid that if he gets out and bites someone else in Winnebago County IL he will be murdered. He is a great dog. He is loyal and protective of our familiy but he goes absolutely nuts when he sees a bicyclist. Stupid dog. It may cost him his life. Is anyone willing to help us and Clark? Please let me know. My email addy is Thanks for your consideration. Leslie Dean

  2. Leslie Dean says:

    Please talk to me. Please for Clark’s sake. I will know Friday if he will be murdered or not.

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