Missouri German Shepherd Rescue (Mogs)

Missouri German Shepherd Rescue (MOGS)
Nancy Campbell
P.O. Box 30251
Kansas City MO 64112
Phone: 816-682-9435

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One comment on “Missouri German Shepherd Rescue (Mogs)
  1. Don Jackson says:

    Nancy, if this gets to you, I sincerely hope you will read it. I miss my two GSDs, Mauser and Lo-Ra. Mauser was obtained from MOGS and has done well here in my environment. Lo-Ra, a female, was adopted from a farm couple near Tulsa last year. Both were taken several weeks ago in a dognapping/raid on my home just after I got out of the hospital with a left leg blood clot and urinary tract infection. I miss both dearly and have been seeking ways of getting them back. I have 40 acres of wild country here in the ozarks, springs, creeks, etc. I have been quite certain of their shots, health, etc. Feel free to contact my vet (below). I have not been able to contact you or anyone else who may have the dogs. PLEASE HELP ME! I am a responsible dog owner of many many years (first GSD in 1981). If you wish more information please feel free to call me at 870=449=6467 or email at donj@noark.net I’d like to work this out if possible. I’ve been a good supporter of MOGS on my website (down right now) in the past.

    By the way, I will celebrate my 84th birthday on Flag Day this year.

    My vet (of 20 years) is Dr. Robyn Theobald,
    Animal Clinic of the Ozarks
    Address: 27 Mc 7088, Flippin, AR 72634
    Phone: (870) 453-7387

    I am 100% positive she will give a good reference for me. (she loves
    GSDs too!)

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