Rescue Me Rescued Me

Rescue Me Rescued Me
Maureen Mahood
501 Bascom Street
Charlotte NC 28205

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4 comments on “Rescue Me Rescued Me
  1. sybil keach says:

    We have pulled dogs from animal shelter that needs homes
    one is golden retriever mix, beagle, purebred, pt lab pupplies and
    3 pit bulls
    canyou help
    we really just do cats

    (704) 622-4348
    syibl Keach

  2. Melody Brown says:


    Do you know of anyone who can help a man place his lab/chow? He is losing his home and will have to take him to shelter if he can’t be placed…. His name is Dalen and his number is (336) 250-9158.


  3. Michelle Crosbie says:

    Is this pup still available? I am looking for a wirehair terrier. I would prefer a young adult/puppy.

  4. Carol Small says:

    Please send me more information on this shaggy blond dog

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