Rising Phoenix Mastiff Rescue

Rising Phoenix Mastiff Rescue
3104 Stanton rd
Yakima wa 98903
Phone: 509-941-8819

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3 comments on “Rising Phoenix Mastiff Rescue
  1. Ronald Coleman says:

    03/31/2011 I just had a phone call from a femaile ( not a lady ) from the Rising Phoenix Mastiff Rescue about a pup that was dumped in front of my house, I was trying to find her a good country home and put an ad on line. She acted like I didn’t care and that she knew everything. I would not give this pup to her because of her better than thou attitude. I feel that I am a fair judge of people and can find the littlt girle a very good home.

  2. Trisha says:

    We are always willing to help large breed dogs in need. However we do often get over run. Many people demand that we be aval at the drop of a hat, however that is not the way rescue is run. We work with fosters and many well known rescues. Please view our site to learn more.

  3. Justice For Animals says:

    You were right to walk away from them Ronald! Rising Phoenix Mastiff Rescue is a SCAM!

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