Becky\’s Best Buddies

Becky\’s Best Buddies
Becky Washington
2323 A Burnt Valley RD
Chewelah WA 99109
Phone: 509-935-6635

This is a one person All Breed Rescue and Placement Home. Dogs come in for a variety of reasons and are placed into forever homes.

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5 comments on “Becky\’s Best Buddies
  1. Pauline Cordeiro says:

    My child is 15 years old…Type 1 diabetic, depression and anxiety. She needs a dog she can hug, cuddle. Looking for Shih-poo, labradoodle, goldendoodle. Thank you.

  2. Pauline Cordeiro says:

    My child is 15 years old…Type 1 diabetic, depression and anxiety. She needs a dog she can hug cuddle. Looking for Shih-poo, labradoodle, goldendoodle to rescue/adopt.. Thank you.

  3. sandra g smittle james says:

    my old blue tic passed away she was the love of our families life–we are looking for a young female hound to be part of our family-we have a large fenced yard and live in the country–she will not hunt –just be part of the family–and she will be an inside dog

  4. sandra g smittle james says:

    please help us find her–we live in montana near kalispell

  5. Luchia says:

    I have a nine year old Blue Healer/Pit Mix that was a rescue dog from a puppy mill when too young to be away from dog mom, my daughter got him from the K-mart parking lot and hid him in her purse til discovery. Hes a lot of dog,I have some disabilities, and Im in pre-forclosure of my home of 16 years, we have been travelling back and forth from here and Seattle assisting my SO with estate and, our return this time has not been so pleasant. Lots of changes in the neighborhood have produced lots of barking dogs, making our house not our typical home. Not to mention he got out one morning while trying to dispose of carpet from a flood…It was early enough that I thought it was without incident, but have since learned that is not the case. Animal control wants a resolve by the 20th, and I truely feel I have failed as a dog owner to this poor soul that has been so loyal and dedicated to my health issues, and continuing to meet his needs both physically and financially… its just not fair to provide such an unstable future going forward and Im struggling tremendously trying to discern the more humane way to go moving forward. He was raised by my poodle whom passed at 11 and this fella has never been the same with other dogs since, therefore he doesnt get socialized much because of this. He has always been a gentle soul to all family pets and children. Hes just suspect to those that seem to be outsiders with more privelege than him. He participated in puppy basics but,due to his adolescent behaviors- he was kindly invited back for another round. Single-mom-syndrome, kids, work and travel unfortunately didnt afford this for him. With all thats happened and looking into the future this guys only chance for any hope for a long and peaceful retirement with health and happiness is painful-like-a-knife going to have to require a seperation and divide of some sort, just not sure which one… cuz he will require the miracle of a better person than the ones that love him, in regaurds to knowledge of his breed, training, dedication, and physical/financial stamina as well as accountability & responsibility. Pretty tall order indeed, otherwise idk if I can bring myself to feel it even humane enough to put him in rescue…I dont think he would understand, causing more grief stress and confusion than just knowing its been pure luck fate and honor to have been blessed with the time we’ve had- a proud and full life…and so I lift this up in prayer now and give it to God in the name of LOVE!

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