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One comment on “Sage
  1. Valerie Rock says:

    We have had two rescue plott hounds and now would have no other breed. Currently have a neutered, older female plott. Our first Plott came with the name of Sage, which we changed to Sadie. We are a far bit away from you but perhaps that naming thing….suggests perhaps it is “meant to be”? We have 151 acres. Unfenced. After a few weeks of being on-leash so doggie knows where the new home is….would be able to be off-leash and unfenced. If it seems that the dog cannot handle that freedom, we could see if a tighter fence where other animals are. Have horses which tolerate dogs. A docile breed of pig (Mulefoot Pigs) which are fine with dog. No cats. We are both retired and home most all the time.

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