Puggle Lv/Henderson, Nv

Puggle LV/Henderson, NV
Carole Rogers
2841 Cool Water Drive
Henderson NV 89074
Phone: 702 326-4965

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2 comments on “Puggle Lv/Henderson, Nv
  1. Tiffany says:

    Hi I work at an animal hospital in Vegas and there is a puggle who will be sent to the pound if we don’t find somewhere for her to go or a home very soon. Is there anything I can do to find a potential owner or foster for her? Or how does your rescue group work? Any help is much appreciated

  2. Pamela Smith says:

    Hello, my name is Pamela Smith & my husband is Curtis Smith. We are desperately looking for another baby to give our love to. Our 10 yr old cockapoo passed away in January of this year. We were devastated! She was so precious to us. We have no children at home anymore but our son is married with a 4 yr old son. He is very easy with dogs . They have 4 of their own. And my son is a deputy sheriff in our community. I am 59 & my husband is 56. We have been happily married for 33 yrs now.
    We would at least want to see pics uou have, if any, & price. We would like another female but would cosine a male. We have an acre lot in a quiet subdivision. Not alot of traffic. We want our new baby to be a house dog. We have a vinyl privacy fence around the back yard & inside of the privacy fence we have a chain linked fence.We are trying to move on since the passing of our baby. She was our little girl. She passed away from complications from surgery on her bladder. Our vet was ready to send her home the next day,but when she got up to go to the potty, she just collapsed. The vet said that a blood clot from the surgery formed & went straight to her heart causing a fatal heart attack. It was so shocking to us. But it wasn’t anyone’s fault. Those things do happen.

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