Ditty Dats & Dogs Rescue

Ditty Dats & Dogs Rescue
Barbara Tilton
Martinsburg WV 25401

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  1. Lisa salmon says:


    My son has a 2.5 yr old ole bulldoggie he can not care for. She had a torn AC and he had it repaired the end of September for $3000+. She needs to be in the care of someone who can work with her and get her moving well again. I cannot keep her since my 3yr old bulldoggie does not play well with most dogs.

    I don’t know who to reach out to and just want to help Trindle find a home. I do know she gets along with some dogs. She did have a litter of pups only two this year. He was hopping to get her spayed before the surgery but nature had other ideas.

    If you cannot help would you please direct me to where I can go from here.

    Take care,

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