Russkiy Toy Rescue

Russkiy Toy Rescue
Anki Larsson
9333 Lerwick Drive
Dublin OH 43017
Phone: 614-761-2684

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2 comments on “Russkiy Toy Rescue
  1. Priscilla says:

    Is this still Anki? If not, please let me know. If so, this is Priscilla who took on little Yasha who needed rescue in 2009 to join his sister Vashkya who I got from you in 2006. I thought you might like to know they are both still well and have been doing a lot of traveling with me. They have been to several US states, London, driven through France with several lovely stops, driven through Spain with several lovely stops, spent a few months in Gibraltar, on the beach in Marbella, Spain, then Madrid and we are spending New Year’s Eve now in beautiful San Sebastion, Spain. They will go with me to Paris in the spring, Ireland and the Isle of Man later in the year and on. I would love to send you a link to a photo of how they travel with me in a divided backpack when I need my hands free to wheel suitcases or when we are out for a walk that is too long for them. They have been an amazing amount of joy in my life and each of them has even had a small part in two different feature films! Thank you again for these wonderful and dear friends of mine.

  2. Michelle Isles says:

    Hi Anki,

    Where can I see the Russian Toy puppies or dogs you have available?

    Thank you.

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