Gentle Giants, Inc.

Gentle Giants, Inc.
Candace Bright
565 Colfax Road
Wayne NJ 07470
Phone: 9732486481

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4 comments on “Gentle Giants, Inc.
  1. Diana Albrecht says:

    Hi I’m interested in adopting a st. Berdoodle. Gender isn’t an issue, but would love to get one as young as possible. Please let me know if you ever get one in.

    Thank you,


  2. Chris Page Sr says:

    I have 1 male and 1 female. Super great dogs just don’t have the time I used 2. Spayed and neutered and chipped. Kids at any age can climb all over them.

    11/2 years old

  3. Kimberly Romain says:

    I will be looking to adopt a St. Berdoodle this Spring. PLEASE let me know if one becomes available! Thank you.

  4. Patrick Austermann says:

    We’d like to adopt a Saint Berdoodle, Bernedoolde or similar larger Doodle who is at least a year old. It will find a loving permanent home with us.

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