Ok Save A Dog

Ok Save A Dog
Rt 2 Box 52
Prague Ok 74864
Phone: 405 567 0000

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2 comments on “Ok Save A Dog
  1. Consuella Brown says:

    I’m looking to adopt a female dog, Dachshund mix (chiweenie)black & tan. If you get any can you let me know?


  2. Ron Hall says:

    We just had to free our little 5 pound family of 13 years due to lymphoma who was a Chipoo rescue. She took a HUGE part of our hearts with her. We currently have a house in Enid and one in Locust Grove where I will be retiring in 3 years. We are back and forth usually twice a month. We would certainly like to have another little friend with us at that time. We would appreciate your consideration if there is a young female pup that should fit that bill.

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