Kishu-Ken Named Lexie

Kishu-Ken named Lexie
Violet Kasa
Phone: 719-487-9556

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One comment on “Kishu-Ken Named Lexie
  1. Stanley Hamamoto says:

    What kind of dog is she? How old is she? How much does she weigh? Is she housebroken? What are you asking for her? What is her full weight and height when she is an adult? I live alone and have a small fenced-in backyard. Where are you located? If things work out, I would like to visit with her to see if we both agree that it is a match. I had a dog but had to put her down because of her age. I am looking for a companion to go with me where ever I go in the car. Can she sleep on a bed? Send me your answer via e-mail when you have the time. God Bless. Pastor Stan

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