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7 comments on “Choiax7
  1. john villalon says:

    it is available until now?? and what its color??

  2. joana adiao says:

    good day, i would like to inquire if you still offer the ad on siberian husky puppies. I would love to take care of one. thank you! 🙂

  3. Pauline Gomiega says:

    Is it available one of them pls reply . i want a dog like siberian

  4. Pauline Gomiega says:

    Cutie puppies is there any available for me ? I want to adopt one of them pls -,-

  5. Pauline Gomiega says:

    Plsss i want one -,-

  6. Pauline Gomiega says:

    Is there any available for me ? I want to take good care of them pls txt me or call me 09330193795.

  7. christal hockin says:

    Available pa ba syang i-addopt ? PM nyo lang po ako pag okay pa kasi willingly ko po syang aamponin . thankyou

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