Karma Rescue

Karma Rescue
1158 26th Street, Suite 155 PMB
Santa Monica CA 90403
Phone: 310-512-RUFF

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One comment on “Karma Rescue
  1. HELP!! My friend, Gabi, has a beautiful 5-yr old female Cane Corso Mastiff dog that she needs to give to someone by July 11, 2011 –otherwise the dog will be euthanized on July 12, 2011!! Please let me know if you know of a rescue shelter in Southern California that can help ASAP. Gabi’s landlord no longer permits animals on her property. If my friend, Gabi, doesn’t comply with her landlord’s request then she and her kids will be evicted!
    Thank you VERY much!
    ~Eva (213) 473-9459 Wk#, or (661) 492-3876 cell#.

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