Aw Paws Rescue

AW Paws Rescue
8914 Summer Walk Dr.W.
Indianapolis in 46227
Phone: 317-893-2625

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  1. Amanda Brock says:

    I am contacting you to ask for help in re-homing one of our dogs. T-Bone is a Red Heeler-American Bulldog-mix, a neutered male, whom we desperately and urgently need to re-home, as soon as possible. T-Bone is a good dog but he has a serious anxiety problem and being the working dog type that he is, he needs a home with much more outdoor fenced space so he can run off or work off his energy. We have a very small yard of which only the back yard is fenced and T-Bone needs a much bigger yard so he can run and get more exercise. He is a beautiful dog whom we love, but we can no longer keep him. We have a 6 month old baby who will be crawling and walking before long and even though T-Bone is tolerant of the baby and affectionate with him, there will always be the fact that he is unpredictable when he is under stress. His mother was an American Bulldog-Red Heeler-Boxer mix that my mother rescued who was pregnant and had a very severe case of demodex mange and staph infection. She had the puppies only 4 days after being rescued and only four of the puppies lived. My fiance and I took two puppies, and did not know at the time that they were part Red Heeler. T-Bone and the one female puppy both turned out to have more Red Heeler looks and traits and both have anxiety issues. T-Bone is stressed with having such a small space to run and exercise. This causes him to be nervous and somewhat aggressive. His brother has more characteristics of a Boxer and is much calmer, and happy being a mostly inside dog. T-Bone gets along very well with his brother but tends to snap at Milhouse when he is stressed. We have made a very hard decision to re-home T-Bone so that he can have more freedom to run and work off the anxiety and energy he has. Please let me know if there is any way you can help us in finding a new home for T-Bone.

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