Big Dogs Huge Paws, Inc

Big Dogs Huge Paws, Inc
Lindsay Condon
PO Box 460699
Aurora CO 80046
Phone: 303-322-4336
Fax: 303-474-5861

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2 comments on “Big Dogs Huge Paws, Inc
  1. Mary Ann Sexton says:

    I have a wonderful mastador named Ziggy who gets out and has repeatedly attacked small dogs. I may have to put him down today because of his latest attack yesterday. He’s wonderful with people, just not other dogs. Help!

  2. Sherry Phipps says:

    We are looking for an Alaskan malamute puppy. This will be our third malamute we love the breed so much. We live outside Denver in the mountains near Nederland and Rollinsville CO on 35 acres. We are retired but have plenty of energy for playing, walking etc. and have athletic kids and grandkids living in Grand Lake and CO Springs. It doesn’t matter which sex, and a mix is alright. We have just started looking and there is no rush, it’s more important to find the right fit. Any other sites you can recommend will be appreciated. Thank you Sherry Phipps 303-642-3218

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