Krishna MIller
wilmington nc 28405

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9 comments on “Mavrik
  1. Lauren Coggin says:

    Please email
    ASAP about this dog and details! I have been looking for one exactly like this. I have rescued 4 animals. My dog who looked like this one; was tragically killed by two other dogs in front of me. She was pulled under my neighbors broken fence. She was a toy. They were home and never helped me even though I was screaming for help. It was pouring rain, and I finally broke the fence got attacked by two dogs, and pryed her warped body back together with one of my shirts. I still blame myself. That was back in 2012. I still have a whole in my heart. She was taken too soon. I just want her back. I love animals! Unfortunately, her kind is hard to find. And I want to do the right thing by saving a life. Because I couldn’t save her. She was only two yrs old. Sorry this is a hard process. I just really want a dog for Christmas.

  2. Lusa says:

    I am so sorry but I can relate to how you feel. I was walking my chokie and mini pin to get my mail on Nov 11th 2016 and a loose Pitbull killed my 3yr old Chorkie. I am still crying and miss him so much. She didn’t go after my Mini Pin. I was screaming for help too and no one helped until it was to late. I want my baby back so bad I miss him like crazy. He was buried with his baby a pink Teddy Bear.

  3. Dan and Mary Ellen Stokes says:

    We are interested in a pup along the lines of this one and we live in Wilmington. We are long-time Standard Poodle owners and all have been, one way or the other, rescues. We have a fully fenced yard and will be happy to come look and see if we and Mavrik are a good match.

  4. Tammy Lockamy says:

    looking a small dog not much more than 10 lbs. My chichuai died a month ago.prefer female males like to make territory on furniture

  5. Jana Rozier says:

    Is Mavrik available?

  6. Bryana says:

    Is Mavrik still available? I’m very interested!

  7. Trisha Truelove says:

    I am interested in the curly white one with the sad eyes. I would love to make them twinkle again!

  8. Deborah Kirschke says:

    Mavrik has been listed for a long time. Is he still available?

  9. Martina says:

    Hi there, is Mavrik still available for adoption? My husband and I are looking to save a dog to join our family, we have two small Bichons. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.

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