N. Mecklenburg Animal Rescue

N. Mecklenburg Animal Rescue
Beth Phillips
PO Box 241
Harrisburg NC 28075

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One comment on “N. Mecklenburg Animal Rescue
  1. Tim Allen Ruiz RN says:

    Ms. Philips,
    I need a shelter or organization that can take a 1-year-old pitbull whose life is in danger. He is “owned” a 22-year-old gangbanger (Crip)who has never tried to train this dog. Lately he has spent hours thrashing the dog with whatever he can find because the dog will not perform things he was never trained to do. He actually has two pitbulls, one that lives at Charlotte Animal Control. If he finds something he can steal to make Blockhead’s bail, Blockhead will go back to living in a cage he barely fits in and maybe let out twice a day. Neither of these dogs deserve the beatings and substandard lives they are living. The Crip already owes the City over $100 for fines for letting Pinhead run loose. The Crip will not give the dogs to good homes. He wants to get a female and start breeding pitbulls with phony papers for sale to other Crips. I guarantee that the dogs will live unusually cruel lives and could very well be beaten to death. I will deliver Pinhead to any reasonable distance from Charlotte just to get him away from the Crip. If I leave him locally, the Crip will find him and remove him forcefully from wherever he may be but he does not have the resources to search out of this area. I have been harbouring Pinhead for some time now, but I live in a small house not suited to a large dog. Also, I have no yard to keep him in, so he stays in the house and has done about $10,000 worth of damage to our new home. Please give this note and my email address to someone who can take and love a really sweet dog before he gets beaten to death. And before you tell me about animal control and the local humane association, they have been totally unresponsive to my requests for a way to keep these dogs from being maimed or killed. They all tell me to call 911, but before any responder arrives the thrashing has stopped and the Crip has disappeared. I have begged them to take the dog but they say they can only take him if he is obviously maimed (ie: broken bones) as long as the owner wants to keep him. I would like to just shoot the Crip, but that carries a suite of implications that do not interest me. Both of these dogs are nice dogs but are not indoor dogs. They would be very loving to anyone who could love them back. Please help me. I don’t know where else to turn.

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