Picking Up The Pieces Sanctuary

Picking up the Pieces Sanctuary
Honey Marer
Adamsville tn 38310

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One comment on “Picking Up The Pieces Sanctuary
  1. Terrah Hartley says:

    I live in Chester County and have need to save a dog that needs rescued. He showed up at our property, we work at boys home, it’s a private state run agency. We can not have a stray dog on property. I have been contacting pit bull rescues and am getting no responses at all. This fella is super sweet, very well mannered, obviously was an inside pet. We can not let him inside but by the way he tries to follow us in you can tell. He is not chipped. I have been posting all over FB. I am worried about him being removed from here by our maintenance man (who has made other dumped dogs “disappear”) We have 2 dogs already and not allowed to have anymore or we would keep him. He plays well with our 2, submissive. So sweet. About 1-2 years would be my guess. If you can not help can you direct me to another place that might. We are willing to possibly drive him where needed. or meet a long distance transport.

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