Animal House Shelter, Inc

Animal House Shelter, Inc
Lesley Irwin
13005 Ernesti Rd
Huntley IL 60142
Phone: 8479615541
Fax: 8479615732

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One comment on “Animal House Shelter, Inc
  1. Amanda Frantzen says:

    Hello I’m looking for a good home for my two American bulldog/mastiff/banddoge breed dogs. I’m absolutely devastated to be doing this and I’m reachin out to anyone and everyone that will listen. I need to find a good home before May 20th. I do not want them to go to a shelter. I’ve never had such a connection to dogs. They are so loving. My heart and my Childrens hearts are breaking.
    My husband told me last month that he’s been having an affair for months. And she’s pregnant. I went from having he perfect family and perfect life to nothing. He emptied out our bank account and in two days came by with a moving van and cleaned out anything he could grab. Our almost 14 yr marriage gone. The love of my life gone. Sense then I have learned that he has been screwing around behind my back for over almost our whole marriage. And sense then he had not paid for anything for his three kids. Or the animals. He has paid no bills and only the mortgage. I’m a stay at home mom struggling to keep everything together. I haven’t told my children that I can’t afford to keep them. I have no choice to sell the house immediately and we need to find a place or move in with relatives till I can get a job and back on my feet. None of my family will take the dogs. I’ve begged my husband to take them. He won’t. Please if there is anyway you can help he either yourself or guide me to someone who can please. I’m begging for help. These two dog are too special and loved. I can’t take them to the pound. I just can’t. I don’t want to know take a chance that they could be killed. It would a nightmare on top of what I’m already having to deal with.

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