Nicky’s Rescue

Nicky’s Rescue
411 golden acres
montego bay 1876
Phone: 1 876 850 1326

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2 comments on “Nicky’s Rescue
  1. Sabina Masiuk says:

    On August 31st, on the way back to Montego Bay form a Nine Miles tour we stopped for lunch at Scotchies Jamaican Jerk Centre. There, I noticed an extremely thin female dog begging for food. I do not know how much longer she can hold up, as she looked like a living skeleton. On September 2nd, when driving by (from another tour)I saw her jet again at the same place. I am asking kindly that you try to locate that dog and save her life, as she might die of starvation. She is a medium size, beige color, short haired female dog. She has big nipples and streched skin hanging down, problably from having puppies. I live in the USA and cannot phisically help, but if there is anything I can do to help this poor dog, please e-mail me.

    Thank you,


  2. Heather says:

    While on vacation I was taken on a catamaran from Falmouth to Montego Bay Margaritaville beach bar. There was a resort next to it that stuff members were chasing dogs with batons. The dogs were fearful of staff at both establishments and looked to the tourists for help. I cried leaving as one dog tried to follow me in the water to the boat. I am so heartbroken for the dogs I met and would find a way to adopt at least one of them if they were rescued. I have pictures of the dogs, please email me. I am hoping you can help them

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