Furever After Rescue Society

Furever After Rescue Society
Calgary Ab

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  1. Pat says:

    We are looking for a large guard dog for our small mixed farm. Akbash, Great Pyrenees, Maremma… We have a Newfoundland (not a guard dog at all) and Pomeranian and 2 house cats and 9 happy hens, as well as some larger “livestock”, but the Pom and cats are the ones needing a guard dog. We lost a little Pom and one cat last year to either a fox or coyote and since then we haven’t been able to let the cats outside and the Pom can’t be off the deck. We are very familiar with large breeds as have always had them and we are seniors now, but are “pack leaders” and can handle large dogs. We have a great place for animals and we are loving and experienced dog owners. If you should ever be looking for a good home for a dog of this type please contact us. If you know of any other rescues that may have one of these breeds of dogs, please let us know or forward our message on to them on our behalf.

    Thanks. Pat

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