Amy’s K9s Small Dog & Working Dog Rescue

Amy’s K9s Small Dog & Working Dog Rescue
New Salisbury IN 47161

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One comment on “Amy’s K9s Small Dog & Working Dog Rescue
  1. Lori says:

    I have a 3 year old male yorkie bischon. He is a great dog-great with kids, lovable. However, he continues to mark his territory throughout our house. He has been neutered but he still cannot stop marking in the house. My husband also use to work from home but has gotten a job out of the house and he has to be in his cage most of the day and a lot of the evenings and weekends. We love him very much but he is causing a lot of stress in our household. He has done a number on our carpet and furniture. We have another dog that visits and I think that has made it worse for him. If he had a home with no prior animals I think this wouldn’t be an issue. He has a lot of alpha characteristics. We want to find a good home for him but am not sure how to do this. Any advice.

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