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Doggy love
550 alton wy
denver co 80230
Phone: 720 249 9777

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2 comments on “Doggy Love
  1. Geri says:

    Hello, we have a two day pet event at the Dinosaur Resource Center in Woodland Park, CO. We have a lot of rescue groups that come to this event. We give you a free 10 x 10 space for your organization. You may sell your products, hand out brochures, and promote your business. We also adopt many pets at this event. This event is August 2nd and 3rd. If you are interested please contact me at or 719-686-1820 ext. 111 and I will send you the application. Thank you for your timeā€¦Geri LeBold
    If you wish to opt out of having us notify you about this event then please e-mail us and we will take you off the list.

  2. Stanley Hamamoto says:

    How old is Nuesha? How large will she become? Has she had all of the shots and is she fixed? Is housebroken? I live alone and have a small backyard that is fenced in. I live alone and am looking for a good companion. Someone that will go with me anyplace I go in the car. I had a dog and had to put her down because of age. Is she a lap dog? Can she sleep in a bed? Can you send me an e-mail with answers to my questions? also how much are you selling her for? God Bless>.
    Pastor Stan

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