Le’land’s Heart Sanctuary

Le’Land’s Heart Sanctuary
L. Landmesser
p.o. box 98045
lubbock tx 79499
Phone: 800-777-7570

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One comment on “Le’land’s Heart Sanctuary
  1. Terina Meyers says:

    I have been trying to adopt a maltese for some time now. I recently came across your web site. I was wondering if you had any female maltese dogs for adoption.
    I owned a maltese for 7 years until she was stolen from my yard she was like my child I loved her deeply. She was taken 3 years ago and I felt I just could never replace her until now. I have been looking now for about 6 months. I’m not able to afford one from a breeder but also felt that helping one in a shelter would actually be better.
    Thank you, Terina

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