Ohio Toy Breed Rescue

Ohio Toy Breed Rescue
Jani Price
Grove City OH 43123

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  1. Lynda Woods says:

    I have a 6 year old female toy fox terrier. She has not been spayed. Her name is Grace. I adopted Grace 6 years ago as a puppy when I was single and living alone in an apartment. Since then I have married and had children. Unforntunately Grace has not really adjusted to this. She no longer recieves the kind of attention that she used to (mainly because I just don’t have the time). She used to go everywhere with me and cuddle with me on the couch and sleep with me but those just are not options anymore. I can just tell that she is not really happy anymore and it’s not fair to her. I have tried to find friends or family to take her in, but it’s been a no-go. I did contact you guys last year and was all set up for a woman named Jill Topp to take her in but between me going into labor and her family issues it just never happened. I was hoping that you knew of someone who could give her a loving home. Gracie really is a wonderful dog she just requires more than what I can currently offer.
    You can reach me via email or my cell phone # 614-214-1420. Thank you very much!!


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