Rocky Mountain Yorkie Rescue

Rocky Mountain Yorkie Rescue
Suzanne L. Adams
10285 Tracery Court
Parker Co 80134
Phone: 303.840.9688

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2 comments on “Rocky Mountain Yorkie Rescue
  1. Charity says:

    My mom is fostering a 10 month old yorkshire terrier/ springer spaniel mix. She has her in Kansas and wants me to find out if there is a rescue for that breed here in CO that can find a home for her. Let me know if this is something you can help with, thanks!

  2. Stanley Hamamoto says:

    How old is she? What is her name? Has she had all of her shots? Whatis the total weight and height she will be when she is older? Are you willing to bring her here to be looked at? How much are you asking for her? I live alone and have a small fenced-in backyard. I am looking for a good companion. Someone that will go with me every place I go in my car. I had a dog but had to put her down because of age. Please e-mail me with answers to my questions. God Bless.

    Pastor Stan

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