Kindred Spirits Small Dog Rescue And Rehab.

Kindred Spirits Small Dog Rescue and Rehab.
Dallas/Fort Worth Texas

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5 comments on “Kindred Spirits Small Dog Rescue And Rehab.
  1. Kathleen Clark says:

    I have become disabled and can’t properly tend my chiweenie. I would love for her to go to a forever home. Can someone please help me find one?

  2. Kay Cole says:

    Is there any help you can give me I have a situation that have to find a home for my chiwinnie

  3. pat lockerd says:

    My husband and I are semi-retired and we would love to adopt a rescue schnauzer!! Will you please contact me. Kind regards, Pat & Mike Lockerd

  4. Terry Kim Watson says:

    I am looking for a MiKi rescue

  5. Jeanne Wagner says:

    Kathleen Clark
    I would love to give your baby a new home, I’ve been looking for a small dog for a while now. I can’t afford to pay these outlandish prices they want even at the shelters. But I desperately need a companion, I’m66 years old have anxiety issues.

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