Alac Rescue – Il/Mo

ALAC Rescue – IL/MO
Laurie Anderson
208 Westminster Dr
Mackinaw IL 61755
Phone: 217 415 8613

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2 comments on “Alac Rescue – Il/Mo
  1. Brenda Matherly says:


    I have an 8 year old male Lhasa that I need to find a home for. He is well behaved in the house. He’s house trained and loves his life as a lap dog. He is great with family but suspicious of strangers.

    You helped my partents find their Lhasa so I was hoping you might help me find a home for my boy.

    Thank you!

  2. Marcia Salerno says:

    Laurie, we adopted a little 8 year old Maltese from you back in 2007. She was a puppy mill kid and you said you were afraid if you left her there she would die. You brought her to us in Westmont, IL May 12, 2007. She had a lot of quirky ways due to her existence from before we had her, but she outlived 5 other partners along the way and she crossed the Rainbow Bridge very peacefully with me holding her on 12/21/15 at 16 1/2 years old. She was adorable to me and she lived a really great life once we had her. Thank you for giving us 8 1/2 years of enjoyment. I thought you would want to know how she ended up.

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